The PHONE JAM® with patented expanded bandwidth, offers a brand new form of communication and convenience for the general consumer, music buffs, professional musicians, music teachers and business executives to contact one another by interfacing audio equipment and a monitor or stereo system with a standard telephone network. No special gear needed! The PJ entitles any user to send or receive live audio or pre-recorded materials, while talking over the material being sent or received, via this new communication device, without being in the same location yet interacting together simultaneously in real time. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for
goods and services provided by Anomaly Company

It's perfect for a remote set up or audio and live interview feeds into a studio, or Radio Station, without making the process a major hassle or production. Consider the PHONE JAM for its plug and play convenience. Just plug in a phone line, microphones and headphones or monitor system and you?re good to go. You can do this from your home, office, from on the road or in the studio. Our gear transmits instant live feeds, as well as being able to send pre-recorded audio in real time.

The PHONE JAM is also known for its telephone amplifying and super audio teleconferencing capabilities. Just plug the unit into your office phone line(s) and into your Monitor or PA system, then adding microphones, and you're ready to send and receive vital information to discuss your business plans and other important business data. Quality is everything; so make your conference calls count when sending audio to individuals or other businesses.

The three partners of the Anomaly Co.; Dennis Ford, Michael Leggett and Cindy Leggett, are the driving force behind this new concept and invention. These talented and experienced music industry professionals are thoughtfully creative, knowledgeable in audio and entertainment and are striving to provide a quality and easy to use convenient product with complete customer satisfaction and a product guarantee!

In today's professional audio gear market, convenience and time saving devices are a real plus. Individuals seeking newer and better means to communicate have turned to specific audio devices with an essential need when rehearsing or recording. Music consumers seek time saving devices, consolidating in a wide range of areas necessary to accomplish numerous tasks. These consumers also seek portable and easy to use integrative audio tools that will link one piece of equipment to another.

Anomaly Co. is meeting the emerging market need for a convenient and reasonably priced audio product, which will provide a wide range of services. Please e-mail us for special pricing and additional information.

As a result, the PHONE JAM® is the first of its kind. An affordable and original interactive audio communication device, connecting the public without the need for any special phone lines or having to be in a professional recording studio in order to send audio long distances.

Your phone rings, its your drummer.
You havent jammed since last summer.
Theres a call waiting, its your bassist.
Wearing no pajamas, he calls from the strangest places.
You're never alone if your friends are at home

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